jQuery still rules

Interesting episode of CodePen Radio, where the hosts discuss usage of external JS libraries within the CodePen service. SPOILER ALERT (or is it?) jQuery is the most used. Despite the naysayers, it’s still an awesome tool and I can’t see it going anywhere any time soon.


  1. Basil says:

    @corenominal haven't used it in anger in a long while, since cross browser shenanigans aren't what they used to be. That was always my primary use case anyway, abstracting that bin fire away.

  2. @Basil I think your experience is pretty common. I still use it a fair bit as I do a good amount of WordPress stuff where it’s still packaged by default. And, I maintain a lot of legacy code, which I have no intention of rewriting, unless necessary.

  3. Ben Nadel says:

    I found this episode super interesting as well. People love love love to hate on jQuery; but, the numbers don’t lie – people still enjoy using it. Even on my own site, I use something called Umbrella, which is just a small, light-weight drop-in replacement (mostly) for jQuery. Just because someone _can_ write `.addEventListener()` doesn’t mean that they want to when they can write `.on()` instead.

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